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    I am a lover of making delicious food, residing in Stellenbosch, South Africa. With my interest in trying to live a healthy life, I try to make the majority of my meals healthy and tasty!

    By having a science background, I am sometimes frustrated with the nonsense that I come across on the internet and magazines. Sometimes infomation is also written in a misleading way in order to confuse readers and consumers. Therefore I want to provide facts about food and nutrition, which could be helpful to individuals who are interested.

    Furthermore, I also want to provide delicious recipes to individuals who also like to prepare healthy meals (although I am also going to post some indulgent recipes for the ‘cheat’ meals).

    Stellenbosch is an amazing town surrounded by mountains and wine farms, with numerous restaurants in the town center and lovely scenic routes for running and cycling.

    Your Health Nerd