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    Where to eat Vegetarian in Stellenbosch #CTVC

    Are you a vegetarian in Stellenbosch, or are you also taking part in the Cape Town Vegan Challenge? It can sometimes be frustrating to find a place to eat that has a variety of options to suit your dietary needs.

    Here is a list of restaurants in Stellenbosch that will not let you down:


    The Mediterranean diet

    The Mediterranean diet is well-known for its beneficial contribution towards a healthy heart. The majority of the diet is focused on consuming large amounts of fruits, vegetables and vegetarian proteins. Moderate amounts of whole grains are also consumed, and only small amounts of red meat. The higher fat content of this diets is attributed [...]

    People who live the longest – Blue Zones

    An innovative study, lead by Dan Buettner and National Geographic, has been conducted on the diets of individuals who live the longest, which then evolved into demographics and/or geographic areas of the world where people were healthier and lived measurably longer than the average individuals. These areas have been named “Blue Zones” and include [...]

    Nutrition and Health Trends for 2014

    Surveys are conducted annually by nutrition experts to predict popular diet, nutrition and health trends for the new year. Over 500 Registered Dietitians partook in this survey to determine which foods are on the top of the list. 14 topics have been suggested to headline 2014, as reported by the nutrition magazine [...]